Regular Schedule

Zafu and zabuton
Our  schedule for Zen services:

Because of COVID precautions (the requirement for social distancing) we now offer our Zen chanting and meditation services by Zoom.

Our schedule may change from week to week.  Presently, all our services are by Zoom.  Wednesday evenings we meet at 7PM for chanting and meditation.  Our Sunday service is from 8AM to 9AM.  Please get on our email list for notice of cancellations and changes (email

We are not offering our Intro to Zen/Meditation classes on a regular schedule.  We offer these classes by appointment.  Please email for more information.

A dharma study group meets regularly by Zoom.  Intro to Meditation is by appointment:

  •  Introduction to Meditation
    This is an excellent orientation for newcomers to meditation. Experienced practitioners are also welcome. Newcomers: please visit this link.
  • Dharma Study
    We sponsor a Zoom Dharma reading and discussion group that meets on Tuesday evenings.  The Silent Thunder Order, we are an affiliate, offers a dharma study reading group as well.  Contact us by email for more information.