Skype Dharma Study

Skype teleconferences are one-hour teachings and discussions related to the dharma. Books for study range from sutras and other classical texts to contemporary works on Zen in America.

The teleconferences are led by Zenkai Taiun Michael Elliston-Roshi (Atlanta), Sensei Tesshin James Smith (Nova Scotia), or Sensei Zenku Jerry Smyers (Montana).

Participants include us and members of our sister affiliates from Canada and the United States. Day and time are typically every first through fourth Tuesday from 7pm–8pm Central Time, but can vary.

Conferences are not held on the fifth Tuesday of the month nor on most major holidays that fall on a Tuesday.

Contact Sanki Harold Schlechtweg,, for details.

Click here to download the Skype app for your computer or other device.



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Atlanta Sōtō Zen Center

The Southwind Sangha is an affiliate of the Atlanta Sōtō Zen Center. Abbot of the center is Rev Zenkai Taiun Elliston Rōshi.


Logo of the Silent Thunder OrderThe Silent Thunder Order oversees the training of disciples, priests, and teachers in the Matsuoka Rōshi lineage. Elliston Rōshi presides over their training.