Gekko Riley, InoNewcomers are always welcome at any event of the Southwind Sangha.

Be sure to check out our Resources  and Recommended Reading for Beginners pages. Here you will find information for those who are discovering Buddhism and Zen.

We have an introduction to Zen and Zen meditation the first Wednesday of every month from 7 to 8PM.  From time to time we offer introduction to Zen meditation on Saturday mornings.  Please email us for information or message us on FB.

For those who have been sitting regularly, these instructions in sitting meditation are a beneficial reminder of the basics.

Who we are
Sutras and chants

This pdf features two writings of Dōgen Zenji about the mechanics of meditation (courtesy Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery):

Dōgen’s Zazengi and Fukan Zazengi

This pdf comes from the Sōtō Zen Text Project at Stanford University:

Dōgen’s Zazengi

This pdf from the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism features excellent instructions for newcomers to meditation:

Zen Meditation Instructions