We Need a New Home

A Letter from Southwind Sangha practice leader Sanki Harold Schlechtweg

The beauty of impermanence is that it makes new life possible, new experiences, new friends. Southwind Sangha has enjoyed many years as the guest of Fairmount United Church of Christ (UCC) at 16th and Fairmount. But like all good things, this too must come to an end. Fairmount UCC has sold the Educational Annex across from the street and Southwind Sangha must move in order to make way for the new owners. We had wonderful facilities and ample space, not only for our Zendo but for an outer lobby where our library was located, where we were able to store meditation supplies and liturgy and other documents, and where we often took tea during Saturday retreats and special ceremonies such as Rohatsu and New Year’s eve. Fairmount UCC was more than kind to us, charging affordable rent for our small Sangha and allowing us to practice unhindered. We are forever grateful for their kindness. They have also offered to allow us to use a smaller room in the Church basement.

Southwind Soto Zen Sangha must vacate our present lodging by January 31, so that new owners can come in and make changes. We take this as an opportunity to explore our community and see if we can find a new home that will provide the same space and amenities that we enjoyed at the Annex. The offer of a room at the church insures we will have a place for services after January 31, but we very much need extra space. So we are turning to our friends to ask if you have any ideas or suggestions of where we might look. It is especially useful if you have a contact name and phone or email address to refer us. Because we can’t afford commercial rent, we have always benefited from the generosity of Wichita’s faith community and are confident that they will take care of us now. But we need your help in getting the word out and in pointing us toward those who can help.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter. Please contact me at harold.sanki@gmail.com. You may also phone me at 316-262-4393 (home) or call or text me at 316-650-0710 (mobile). If you call and don’t get an answer, please leave a message. Again, thanks for your good wishes and any help you can lend.

Sanki Harold Schlechtweg
Practice Leader
Southwind Sangha Soto Zen Association



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The Southwind Sangha is an affiliate of the Atlanta Sōtō Zen Center. Abbot of the center is Rev Zenkai Taiun Elliston Rōshi.


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