Notice of Cancellation from Sanki Harold Schlechtweg about the COVID-19 pandemic

The zendo will remains closed.

This is in compliance with the request of Governor Kelly and Sedgwick County.

We are exploring using Zoom to put our services online. Zoom allows meetings for up to 100 participants and also allows for interaction between a host and those online, for example, a dharma discussion. Zoom utilizes the camera on your computer and is a free download. Visit the Zoom website here.

If you are interested in attending services online via Zoom please contact Sanki Harold.

In Memoriam Del Smith

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Our Practice

Zazen (sitting meditation)
Kinhin (walking meditation)
Dharma Readings
Buddhist Teachings


Every Wednesday ~ 7pm to 8pm
Every Sunday ~ 8am to 9am
Third Saturday of the month ~ 8am to Noon

Inclement Weather

Cancellations due to inclement weather will be sent to TV station KWCH Channel 12. An email will also be sent; please speak with Sanki Harold to put your address on our email list.